Mannington Platinum Anchorage Marina 130480

Platinum Anchorage


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Mannington Platinum Anchorage Marina 130480

Product Attributes

Collection Platinum Anchorage
Color Marina
Shade Dark
Surface Type NatureForm® 4G
Application Residential
Size 12' wide roll
Finish Coating Low Gloss
Installation Method Permanent bond releasable bond or loose lay
Description With the revitalization of the farm house trend, shiplap has become a popular choice for  the interior. Featuring a 6” x 48” plank format, this pattern features time-weathered  wood that has visually endured harsh climates. Each multi length plank mimics  weathered shiplap containing an array of imperfections, paint degradation, and bold  color, all adding to its dynamic texture and rustic appeal. Anchorage offers a dramatic  look that is sure to make a statement in any home.