Follow our laminate care guide today.

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Daily Laminate Care

Following our laminate care guide will ensure that your floors look their best on a daily basis. 

Dry dust-mopping your laminate floors is essential for daily beauty. When you do so, you are removing dirt, dust, and other debris that can scratch and otherwise harm your laminate. On the whole, debris on your laminate will cause a lackluster appearance and premature aging. How often you dust will depend on the traffic the room receives.

Damp mopping can be helpful in providing a deeper clean. Be wary of wet mopping as too much water could harm your laminate floors. 

Shoe removal and entry mats are also helpful in maintaining your laminate floors. 

Solid Messes

Laminate floors are tough on solid messes. When a solid mess or accident happens, sweep up the mess with a broom to ensure laminate beauty. It's that easy! The longer you wait to address a solid mess, the more likely it is that damage could occur.

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Spills & Stains

Liquid spills are not a major issue on laminate floors, so long as you address the accident immediately after it occurs. The longer you wait to address accidents, the more likely it is that damage could occur. Wipe up liquid messes with a cloth to ensure maximum beauty. When in doubt, consult your manufacturer. 

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